Bar-Code Solutions

In recent times the retail business has come to a point where the BARCODE has become an essentiality in day-to-day activities. Before the invention of the revolutionary BARCODE a retailer would have found it very difficult to sell any product as the manual billing was a real predicament, and the introduction of the Barcode was a great advantage as it made it so much easier. Our software solutions are also capable of printing labels with serial numbers just at the click of a button. Serially numbered labels can have multiple serial numbers with different jumps on the same label. Sequential numbering can be numeric, alphanumeric or hexadecimal. Serially numbered barcodes can also be printed with the same ease by our extensively advanced label printing programs.

Barcode is unique to every product type and thus will be the most suitable identifier to them. To maintain the quality and the trust in reliability in barcode printing, it is absolutely necessary to verify printed barcodes before they are introduced in the supply chain. Barcode Verification is done with the latest software and hardware as per the ANSI/ISO standards.

Garment Wash Care Labels are printed on label printing machines (thermal transfer printers) which are specifically appropriate to print textile materials such as nylon, taffeta, satin and other polyester based textile materials to meet the most stringent demands of the textile, apparel, clothing and garment industry.