Factory Management

To support the production economy of Sri Lanka, we were able to functionalize a system in 2009 that focused on Factories operating in the country.

Soon after the formation of our company in 2009 we explored the common desires in the industry and endeavored to implement an accounting software solution. We are proud of our success during this short period of time, which is unmistakably observed by the strong bonds we have achieved with our customer base of 25. Nelco, Rich Look, Senkadagala, and SriLak Super are among our prestigious clients.

The tension in the Accounting Department generally rises at the end of each month or at the end of a quarter when the financial accounts have to be handled manually. Therefore the Accounting Software Solutions will open the doors of wisdom and convenience to all concerned accountants who combat with the manual ledgers and documents in account management in large scale businesses.

We have provided an affordable solution to automate your account management and handle all the financial and management accounts in one screen using several clicks at your fingertips. This system provides facilities to handle all accounts up to the creation and balancing of the final accounts, as well as the cash management within the business.

The most reliable and convenient feature in the system is, its capability to be combined with all other onimta inventory products bringing the business the accessibility and efficiency in performance in managing Accounts.

  • Capable of applying to any kind of business organization
  • Capable of gathering data directly from merit plus products (merit plus pos, stylish, alliance, pharmacy, wisdom hub, merit plus HR package‚Ķ)
  • Outcome would be a standard, accurate and professional financial report.
  • Trial balance
  • Debtors and Creditors controlling accounts
  • Inventory controlling accounts
  • Production accounts
  • Income and expense accounts
  • Balance sheet
  • Fixed assets registry
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Cash flow statements
  • Accounts ratios
  • Financial budgets
  • Equity changes report
  • Trade accounts