Journey towards “SUCCESS”

The four cornerstones of success have always been good quality, responsibility, reliability, and performance.

Based on this strong fact, we shaped our products, focusing on delivering the unexpected, exploring the exceptional, and influencing the future of our industry.


Is the ripen fruit of our efforts, that made history, along our journey towards “Success”.

Who we are

Onimta Information Technology

was established in the year 2008 as a private limited company to provide perfect software solutions and services to the local market. We are happy to mention that we have already installed our product to over two hundred customer locations during past six years, including, leading business organizations in Sri Lanka.

High quality software

Fine set of features are developed by using cutting edge technology and friendly customer service is our main concern. The achievements have reached beyond the targets within a very short period of time and today we stand out as one of the best from the rest of our competitors in the industry.

We thank all of our valuable

Thank You for giving an ideal opportunity to join with us for a long lasting business partnership. The reliable bilateral relationship between our company and customer is highly appreciated in terms of business.


Catering to the prospects of our patrons and enhancing the productivity of their industry by designing concrete and efficient solutions tailored to their substantial expectations.


To reach the pinnacle of IT industry in servicing with our finest performances and to offer innovative solutions for all scales of clients while heading towards being the best IT solution provider in the region.

and duties

  • Marketing department

    Introducing Business Solutions, Advicing & Developing Customer Relationships.

  • Customer care department

    Training, Identifying customer needs, Implementation & Consultations.

  • Technical support department

    Assembling with compatible and most efficient hardware and to cater to their requirements.

  • Administration department

    Administration, HR & Finance Management.

  • Consumable Supplying Department

    Supply of Stationary & material needs of customers.

  • Software development department

    Development of Identified Customer Software Needs.

  • 2008
  • 2010
  • 2012
  • 2015

Founded in the year of 2008, the company launched its’ prestigious Point – of – Sales Solution, “Merit Plus Stylish” and secured a satisfied customer of 50 base by the end of 2010.

This year has been quite a breakthrough, with two new business solutions being introduced to the playground, Merit Plus Power IMS and Merit Plus Super IMS. Both of the systems being targeted to retail marketers, especially for Hardware shops and super markets. The systems had a robust backend to power up the inventory management procedures.

The year 2012 marked the inception of yet another two luminous members of the Merit Plus family– Merit Plus Payroll and Merit Plus Finance. Merit Plus Payroll being the HR management solution for corporate business ventures, gained instant popularity; Merit Plus Finance is a comparative competitor to the leading Finance management solutions now available. Year 2014 marked the 150th business member of our voyage.

The past two years has been a significant mile stone, having bred three of the most composite software systems. Among them, Merit Plus ERP marks the pinnacle. In the year 2015, Merit Plus provided their widely – anticipated inventory management solution, Merit Plus Bestow, with advanced features targeted specifically for the textile industry. On the verge of the year 2016 marked the inception of yet another profound member of the Merit Plus Community – Merit Plus Construction.