HRM and
Payroll Systems

In 2012 we commenced to set our visions on employee management systems and set off designing and implementing.

In 2012 we commenced to set our visions on employee management systems and set off designing and implementing. We have achieved up to 25 customers and were able to succeed by devoting our time and effort in the fight towards perfection and a satisfied client. Among our trusted clients are Sighe super, Rich look, Olive- kand, Tulip and Chandra stores.

Regardless of how common Human Resource Management and Payroll systems are in the industry, there will not be a system that has provided all the purposes of actual staff management. When it comes to a system that handles information of real people and real situations the discreteness, assurance of privacy and security of information must be given enough consideration and attention since the sensitive information can cause concern. This system provides all the tasks that are necessary to be performed by an HRM system from Employee Registration to Salary Calculation and finally Employee Recommendation.

The system handles Loans acquired by the employees as well as the salary information. This includes the addition of incentives along with the deductions that has to be made. EPF and ETF information control and forwarding the required documents is done by the system. Scheduling the timely needed interviews and the indispensable motivational seminars can be done using the system in a moment, checking the timetables and availability of the team. System also supports handling the complaints made by or made against an employee and all these features lead to the system encouraging to increase the employee cadre and improve the efficiency of the work in the company.

Along with the attendance registry, there are special features added to the system such as employee family detail management and support service, holiday calendar, and the information on roster groups.

The HRM and Payroll system can be used by any person or company that manages several employees and their information, especially Factories, Hotels, Showrooms, Offices of all scales, Construction or any other sites of all types, as well as Farms who would employ more than two or three people, can make immense use of this system in order to achieve competent level of efficiency.

  • Capable of entering company details and manage locations through the system
  • Capable of entering company’s following options for all employees commonly or be added separately for each employee.
  • In & out times, Redlines, Over time allowed or not, When the over time starts, Over time rates, No pay allowed or not and if no pay allowed can enter the no pay rate
  • Short leave per month, Half days per month
  • Manage your system users access powers by customized privileges of the system.
  • Capable of managing your employee base perfectly under department, designation, grade, and other options.
  • Manage employee punctuality by roster base or normal office time basis with following options
  • Daily attendance, Time in attendance, Attendance download, Attendance checking & Attendance corrections (with approval of the administrator)
  • Allocate and manage employee leave, Salary calculations, Loans, Deductions, No pay, Over Time Payments, EPF & ETF, Sales Commissions, Salary options
  • Other hr management (Promotions, Salary increments, Resignation of an employee)